Goalball – Come on Down

Do you want to get fit and active in a friendly and social environment? Do you want to play a sport where you can bring along your family and friends and be on a level playing field?

Then Goalball could be the sport for you!

What Is Goalball?

Goalball is a Paralympic sport designed specifically for people who are blind or vision impaired. Goalball is a team sport where two teams of three blindfolded players are placed in front of nine metre wide goals at each end of the court. Teams alternate throwing the ball with bells inside to attempt to score a goal while the defending team uses their ears, teamwork and tactile floor marking to attempt to stop their opponents scoring.

Why Goalball?

Goalball is different in that it is not an adapted sport for the blind, it was created specifically for the blind and vision impaired. It is also unique in that as all participants are blindfolded you can bring along your family and friends whether they are fully sighted, vision impaired or totally blind.

Getting Involved

In Victoria we are weeks away from opening our Goalball Autumn season for 2018. We play every Saturday at Scotch College Junior Health Centre, accessible by public transport and we would like to invite you down to try out Goalball. Anyone can come and play or volunteer irrespective of sight levels or age as there are four divisions for children, teens, men and women. Goalball is a great sport to not only keep fit but is also a great opportunity to make friends and share experiences.

To find out more about goalball, contact us at, follow us on Facebook or register via our website