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Have Mercy

Results from the fourth week of the 2018 Winter League

We all like it when Goalball runs to schedule or even better, runs ahead of schedule but when every match of the day (more…)


Yarraville Yearn For Upstream Performance

Results from the third week of the 2018 Winter League

Winter has been colder and harsher for the Mixed Division team in royal blue than any other side in the league competition. From their 6 matches, Yarraville are yet to post anything more than (more…)


Ball Buster Crowned At South Kingsville

Results from the second week of the 2018 Winter League

Not even six matches completed of the Winter League and already the first casualty of the season was laid to rest. In the hype of the second match of the day between Men’s sides and cross town rivals South Kingsville and Malvern, the (more…)


Malverns Make Their Mark

Results from the first week of the 2018 Winter League


A brand new season of Goalball got underway on Saturday with four brand new teams taking to the court. The first match of the day got off to a rather unique start with (more…)